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Tai Chi Classes

Boost your strength and flexibility, improve your mood and mindfulness and elevate your happiness through Pin Lu Acupuncture & Massage, a leading teacher of tai chi classes in San Diego, CA and surrounding areas. Our classes are led by our kind and caring instructor, Pin Lu. Pin Lu studied and practiced tai chi under the instruction of Wang Wenbo, the 12th generation descendant of Chen-style tai chi. Pin Lu applies her skills and abilities in every session, ensuring clients receive the best instruction and education to carry throughout their daily life. Contact us for Tai Chi instruction today.


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What Is Tai Chi?

Tai chi is a movement and positioning practice that started in 12th century China. Continuously evolving, tai chi was initially devised to teach self-defense and martial arts. Tai chi has grown into a meditative practice and low-impact exercise that benefits people from all walks of life. Tai chi’s slow-paced and deliberate movements inspire the mind and body, stimulating the body and muscle strength while focusing on deep breathing. If you want relaxation, balance and rejuvenation, tai chi is right for you. Contact us today to schedule a class.


Tai chi is linked to reduced feelings of depression, anxiety and stress levels for those who practice. The practice can also enhance your sleep quality. Your brain function will significantly improve after partaking in tai chi.


Tai chi is a low-impact exercise consisting of flowing, steady movements that improve balance, boost fitness and flexibility and alleviate chronic pain. Tai chi is valuable for those who want to learn self-defense moves.


Tai chi is a meditative practice. It helps practitioners focus on their breathing and movement, balancing their energy. Tai chi practitioners report feeling more aware and fulfilled with themselves after practicing their moves.

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Tai Chi With Us

Contact us today, and we’ll provide more information about our free tai chi class on location. Our tai chi trainer teaches clients of all abilities and skill levels, offering warm, welcoming and judgment-free classes to cultivate your skills and boost confidence. You can take the movements you learn home with you and practice them in everyday life to reduce your stress and pain and improve your self-fulfillment. Contact us to schedule a comprehensive Tai chi class today.