Customer Reviews

Take a look at what our customers have to say about our services! We love hearing back from our clients and seeing how our work helps improve their lives. We’re passionate about providing ailment relief and giving advice to clients so that they can continue their journey toward better health.

5 / 5

“Dr. Lu’s massage was very effective at relieving muscle soreness from frequent workouts and computer work. She is very professional, and has a reserved parking spot for clients directly outside her office door. I recommend that you schedule a visit!

– Rich Meyer

5 / 5

“I have had shoulder tendonitis and pain as a result of some over use as I swim a great deal in the summer time. Rather than just rest, I gave acupuncture a try with Pin Lu. She is a fabulous therapist with great knowledge of many things in eastern medicine as she has been a healer for many years here in San Diego, and for many previous years in China as well. Within a couple fo treatments, pain was decreased and mobility increased and I was back swimming in the pool an ocean again. I highly recommend Pin Lu.

– Max

5 / 5

“I’m an illustrator who has been suffering from constant chronic pain for around two years now. It has been long and painful-I have seen six doctors, gotten medicine, had several conflicting diagnoses (carpool tunnel, tennis elbow), rigorous physical therapy, online treatments-all to no avail. Nothing worked, and my arm pain was so bad I could not only not go back to work but I couldn’t live my life. My family was considering getting a $2300 medical treatment because I was in so much pain until finally my doctors approved me for acupuncture therapy.

In one session I could already feel a significant difference. It was the first time in two years all my pain had gone away. Since then I have been going to acupuncture for around a month and a half and I have gotten well enough that I can finally go back to illustration. I was so distressed that I had screwed up my body so bad I would have to find a new career, but Lu showed me that all I needed was my nerves re-adjusted and a lot more stretching. I am not completely healed but I am no longer in constant, agonizing pain, and well on my way to my arm pain being under control.

Lu herself is incredibly sweet and understanding, and diligently works with her clients to make sure they are getting the proper, specialized care. I’m convinced she’s a wizard. She not only gave me my career back but my life back as well. I would give twenty stars if I could.

She also gives you tea and has a candy bowl with very nice candy. The coconut ones are my favorite but my friend likes the melon ones. 11/10″

– Hayley

5 / 5

“This review about my experience with Pin Lu is very positive. I’ve been going to Pin for several months now for a number of health problems she has been treating ranging from residual orthopedic difficulties from old injuries to various MS-related symptoms. I began to see her after I learned of her extensive experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture in a major hospital in Shenzhen, China. I think clinical training and experience in China, given the vast array of expertise and history available there is the best to be found in the world.

She has, through her Acupuncture and massage therapy, essentially resolved my “foot-drop” condition resulting from an MS exacerbation in 2012. Her Acupuncture treatments have also lead to a decrease in MS-related urinary incontinence pressures. Her massage treatments to my knees have made my walking much easier.

– Warren Given

5 / 5

“Great practice with friendly service from the beginning. Initial call was with Dr. Lu who was informative and helpful over the phone for booking. Arranged appointments for my parents who have experience with acupuncture treatment, and they were both happy after the first visit. My parents described it as a clean environment with sanitation as a priority, and helpful treatment from Dr. Lu! They’re scheduled for a series of treatments, and I am also planning a session myself. Easy to find location in the Orange theory Plaza, with ample parking. The existing reviews helped us decide on which Acupuncture practice to use. Thanks Dr. Lu and Vicky for the rapid correspondence and booking.”

– Cody T.

5 / 5

“I am very pleased with the treatment provided by Dr. Lu. I went to see her due to headaches and neck pain. She was very attentive from the beginning and took the time to fully understand my condition and make her evaluation. The treatment was conducted in a very clean and pleasant environment. I felt immediate relief after the first appointment and continued treatment to get to the root of the problem. She made me feel at peace with the whole process. I highly recommend Dr. Lu.   Her office is conveniently located close to freeways and has parking available all the time.

– Joel P.