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Treatment Prices

Pin Lu Acupuncture & Massage offers the most valuable acupuncture rates in San Diego, CA. Are you interested in acupuncture or another service? If so, we provide a list of services and their price points so you can make the right choice for your wellness. Peruse our selection now.


Acupuncture is a rejuvenating relaxation practice that treats pain at crucial pressure points throughout the body. Acupuncture is based on Qi, the vital energy force circulating throughout our bodies. Specialists apply thin needles to specific points in the body. The needles open access to your body’s meridians and recharge your energy flow. This non-invasive treatment is recommended for anyone experiencing chronic pain or discomfort or who wishes to enhance their energy flow.

  • Rate: Most acupuncture services start at $165 per hour. Contact us today to learn more.

golden needle facials acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation

At Pin Lu Acupuncture and Massage, we provide golden needle facials acupuncture. Gold needles are associated with hypoallergenic properties and is associated with Yang tonifying. Our acupunctural specialist inserts tiny (gentle and safe) golden needles into specific points in your face. The needles access your body’s meridians or pathways where your energy flows. Your energy will regain balance and begin flowing again after your treatments.

  • Rate: $550 for 3 sessions. Contact us today to learn more.


Our ultra-relaxing massage services penetrate deep within your muscles to relieve your mind and body of pain and stress. You’ll be energized and rejuvenated almost instantly after receiving a massage from our professional.

  • Rate: Most massage services are $95 per hour. Contact us to learn more about our massage packages.



Cupping is a therapeutic practice that relieves soreness, pain and stress. Suction cups are applied to your body and raise blood to the upper part of your skin, boosting blood circulation. Cupping is designed to loosen muscle tension and provide pain relief for various areas of your body.

  • Rate: Most cupping services are $35 per hour. Contact us today to learn more.

Cupping Massage Combo

  • Rate: $115. Contact us today to learn more.

Holistic Wellness

We offer a wide range of holistic treatments and treatment packages to enhance your health, happiness, mind and body. Our holistic services include acupuncture, cupping, massage therapy, infrared rays, moxibustion, custom blended herbal teas and traditional Chinese remedies.

  • Rate: Rates are determined by the services requested. Contact us to learn more.

Tai Chi Classes

Tai chi is a meditative practice involving paced, intentional movements and low impact exercise. Tai chi improves muscle strength and capacity for deep breathing and relaxation. Our free tai chi classes are typically held every other Sunday at our practice.

  • Rate: Free